Time in the Sun 

Tombstone Mind 


The Cotton Belt Railroad and the Ouachita River form a crossroads in the backwoods near Camden, Arkansas, where Aaron Reynolds cut his teeth on the blues and good-time rock ‘n roll. Perhaps through osmosis, the wooly wilderness and muddy backwaters of the southern coastal plains infused themselves into Aaron’s music. Influenced by the local classic rock station, Marty Robbins, and the Baptist Hymnal, Aaron Reynolds brings truth and conviction to riff rock and Americana themes.  

Like most musicians, Aaron started his music career during junior high, forming a classic rock cover band at the age of sixteen. During this time, Aaron was introduced to the hot, inner belly of life in the south, from inside honky-tonks and clubs that teenagers in a Bible Belt town rarely get to experience. The rhythm of each night and the pulse of the bandstands he was fortunate enough to witness firsthand flipped a switch inside him, a love for the music of the south and performing that would never extinguish. 

Over the years, Aaron worked to soak up as much influence as he could from other musicians. “My New Year’s Resolution for about a decade was to play with as many folks as possible,” Aaron said. “I just wanted to learn from everyone who was accessible to me and even those who weren’t traditionally accessible. I was always looking to catch a lick from all these different guys around the places I would play and listen to music.” Aaron contributes this wide variety of influence to developing what he calls “a truly American sound”. 

In 2019, Aaron began production of his first record, with big plans of putting a band together and releasing an album that year. Aaron was blessed with a beautiful son in 2019, and that gave him an opportunity to step back from creating music to focus on his new family. He was then set to finish recording in early 2020; however, the stars misaligned for the entire world. Finally, in November of 2021, Aaron worked with Derek Wood and Darian Stribling at Blue Chair Recording Studio to finish the record. “It was a huge relief to finish those songs. It was certainly cathartic,” says Aaron. “When you work on something for such a long time, and the finish line keeps moving away from you, you start to wonder if you’re moving in the right direction… but to hear those mixed tracks for the first time, I could not explain to you the cocktail of relief and joy I was feeling.”  

Tombstone Mind released "Tombstone Mind", an eight-song Americana and rock album, in April of 2023, and the album is now available on all streaming platforms.

Tombstone Mind just wrapped up recording their sophomore album with the legendary Jimbo Mathus (Squirrel Nut Zippers, Cedell Davis, Buddy Guy, Shinyribs, others) in August 2023, with release plans pending. The new album is a romp through the musical styles of the Delta, fastened together with raw emotion and personal stories. Keep up with announcements about the new album by following Tombstone Mind on social media and signing up for The Graveyard Shift: The TSM e-zine.

You can check out the band on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, and links to those profiles can be found at www.AaronReynoldsMusic.com and www.TombstoneMind.com